Running a Life Coaching Business

Life is based on competition and to truly achieve in life it will most likely involve beating out the competition. Most life coaching is based on attraction, cognitive principles and other related methodologies. Many people who use life coaches or attend personal development seminars want to improve themselves or attain certain goals but usually never reach the results that they want.

First it is important to reflect back on the origins of how the life coaching industry evolved. All personal, business and other coaching grew from the principles of sports. The basic essence of coaching is working with a player or team to coach them to improve and achieve a result. The core principle in real professional coaching is to give players the focus, skills and motivation to compete and win. In order to achieve success in your life or business you must simply be able to apply these coaching principles to all aspects of life and a truly successful coach knows how to get the people they coach to this stage Unleash The Power Witin Dallas.

Today the life coaching sector has become diluted with tangent methodologies that really have no bearing on providing the results that clients need or want. Real effective coaching is all about results and not about methodologies or principles. Imagine great coaches like Vince Lombardi, Tommy Lasorda or John Wooden coaching attraction techniques or heart-based methodologies to get results for the people they coach. These great coaches know that real success starts and ends with competing and winning.

Since the life coaching industry was conceived from sports the principles of competing and winning never carried over as the core principles of success to life coaching. When people first think about coaching they want to achieve a certain outcome but most life coaching is just focused on methodologies not results. Real coaching that is based on results is the most effective coaching that is available. The top coaches who get real results are in sports. Leading coaches like Phil Jackson, Tony Dungy and Joe Torre are responsible for the extraordinary success of people like Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning and Derek Jeter. These coaches command great salaries and very high speaker fees because they know how to compete and win. There would not be one credible life coach today who would not want to have the opportunity to pick the brain of these real successful professional coaches who are the best and role models for the entire coaching profession.

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